If Battlefield and Payday Had a Baby

Hello all you fantastic people and stuff. How are you all doing today. So I just got off work and took some time to see the gameplay trailers and saw Battlefield: Hardline. So first impressions of it are that if Battlefield and Payday got really drunk and had a baby, this would be the product of that. It looks kind of cool, but it doesn’t look like a full on AAA game. However, the price does dictate it. WTF? Seriously, the game is already on preorder for $60 for the regular version and $70-$80 for the digital deluxe version. I can’t make any full assumptions until I get a beta key (hey EA, if you are reading this it would be nice to get a key), but seriously, it’s half a game with a full game price. If they could charge $60 for BF4 (which is god awful), they can’t do this with Hardline. Anyways, that is all.