Buy Your Own Cable Modem = $avings

I am a cable internet subscriber. Everyone knows that ISPs all charge insane fees to rent (or what they call lease) modems. Some ISP’s charge around $4 to $12 for a modem lease. These leases all go on forever. They never end. It is not lease to own or any of that sort. You keep paying that lease until you cancel your internet plan. However, there is a way to get around that. Buy your own cable modem. You can pick the best one up on Amazon for $80. If you buy one (if your ISP allows it), it will pay for itself in less then a year! I have had my Motorola SurfBoard 6141 for over 2 years so I have saved a good chunk of money for buying my own modem. Most cable ISP’s allow you to BYOM (bring your own modem).