I’m Not Dead :D

So it has been a long time since I have posted something here. I’m not exactly the daily “teenage girl hipster drinking an overpriced blended coffee drink at Starbucks on my Macbook Pro using their free WiFi because I can’t afford my own high speed internet access trying to become a professional author while sniffling and keeping my crying strictly internal because I know I am a failure as an artist or an author.” Wow that turned into a hell of a tangent. Anyways where was I? … Oh yeah, I’m not dead. I have been working on a lot in the background. Personally, I have been on a hiatus for creating videos per se and have been focusing strictly on the business aspect of YouTubing. Before you go into a whole “you are becoming a money whore on teh youtubez why are you selling out guies, why u selling out. U WOT M8? I’ll punch you in the gabber b4 I let u sell out. I swear on mi mum.” Wow there I go again, anyways, yeah we have a business side of YouTubing. Why? Well…

Here are some basic analytics for our YouTube channel, ProjectPhoenixMedia.

Project Phoenix Media is an emerging business in the field of online content creation.

The vast majority of this website is still currently in progress. Keep following us on our YouTube channel for the fastest updates.

We hope you keep us in mind. More is coming. Stay with us on YouTube!

Project Phoenix Media’s Analytics

Total Unique Views: 5.8 Million Views

Total Minutes Watched: 10.7 Million Minutes Watched

Current Subscribers: 14k+  Subscribers

Ok I did cheat a bit there, I just ripped that from our About Us page at http://projectphoenix.media/about-us/  (Shameless Plug)

Long story short, we are not exactly a small channel anymore. Our content actually brings traffic. To be honest, it’s all controlled chaos. It does take a lot of managing. This is JUST on the YouTube aspect. Uploading videos, creating descriptions and relevant tags, watching analytic and studying trends, and a few other things here and there. Now we have the business backend. Monetizing our content, calculate investments and potential expenses, prepare tax documents, manage websites and central server for said servers and databases, managing our global CDN. Long story short, there is a lot on the backend that people, (or even small start up businesses) might not think of.  Right now, we are working on getting some sponsors or companies that want to collaborate on a project. Times are exciting here in Project Phoenix Media but it is gonna take some more work.

P.S .

Oh yeah, we have a P.O Box and stuff. If you want it or just want to contact us for business reasons, go here.